REDSHIP Care Packages – Our Story

The year is 1948 and the Berlin Airlift, the largest humanitarian effort in history, is underway. The mission: to deliver provisions to those who were being cut off by the Soviet Blockade in post‐World War II Europe. During the supply flights groups of children would wait patiently for the famous pilots known as the candy bombers who would drop candy tied to parachutes from their planes. These provisions helped lift their spirits during a time of change and uncertainty. To this day, many of those children, now grown adults remember how impactful this show of care was.

Times have changed but the message remains the same, sending a care package delivers the comfort and memories of home. has created “21st Century CARE Packages” uniquely designed for a college student, boarding school student, summer camper, and anyone you want to make smile. Our care packages have a universal appeal making it easy to send for a variety of reasons to a variety of recipients. Our care package products have been researched and tested. We have used a combination of snack industry research and student reviews and suggestions to determine our care package contents. We continually research and test to always ensure we ship the most desired products. Additionally, we add a few hard to find snacks for that extra surprise. customers should always feel confident they are sending the most loved items when they place their order.

Our motto is “simple, fast, and easy” when it comes to ordering. We don’t overcomplicate the product selection or the order process. Less is more, because more becomes better with less.

Our signature extra-strength bright red shipping cylinder is exclusive to The red cylinders provoke excitement, attention, and anticipation as it travels from our door to the recipient. Once received our goal is to have a smiling recipient that knows someone cares about them.

Sending a care package should be fun experience. Fun for the person receiving it and fun for the person sending it. We guarantee satisfaction with our product and that is why customer requests, comments, and/or concerns are important to us as we strive to continually send the best care packages. We hope to build brand loyalty through quality products and service for years to come.

REDSHIP is a socially responsible company committed to environmental sustainability. We also believe it’s important to “give back” and through our “Send One, Give One” program we donate one meal for every package sold to Feeding America.

We hope you enjoy our site and care packages!